Predict your Future by creating it.  

Taurus Staffing Solutions is here to partner and accompany you on your journey! If you're here, you've already taken your first step!   

Build Your Own Dreams

A career as a Traveling Healthcare Professional has exciting advantages!  We think the most important is flexibility, and that translates into "freedom"!   Flexibility to work as much or as little as you want. Exposure to different places and cultures. Travel expenses reimbursed when moving from one contract to another. You can build your own dreams...simply tell Taurus Staffing when, where and how...and we'll make it happen with you! 

Our Why...

Transparency is Key

We've been in this industry for more than 25 years.  What we find to be the most sought after from travelers is, "finding an agency who will be honest and transparent with me"!  That's who we are.  We know without you our agency wouldn't thrive so we pride ourselves on giving you all of the details up front. We are a partnership and we believe, "Knowledge is Power"!

What Other Travelers Say...

”Kristie and I began our journey together in 2014. She quickly became my friend by showing her honesty and trustworthiness. I know I don’t have to worry about anything because she has been the backbone when I’ve needed her and my advocate when I feel no one else has. I know with her she has my best interest at heart. She will forever be my go to. She is no longer my recruiter but now she is my friend, confidant, and the only person I trust with my career placements."


”I've been a travel tech for 7 years. I met Kristie during year two through another traveler. We hooked up and I've never looked back. Kristie has always had my back, taken care of my business and gotten me the best contracts."


"I've been working with Kristie for 5 years. With her as my recruiter I know she is looking out for me and have my best interest in mind!"

-CVOR Tech

”It makes it easy to go to work when you know that you're dealing with a recruiter that is both an advocate and a partner in your healthcare travel journey."

- Certified Surgical Tech


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We're ready when YOU are!

"Transparency. Integrity. Equality. It’s who we are...not just writing on the wall. It’s why we are better. These core values are the driving force behind our partnerships with both healthcare professionals and clients alike. We are honest and upfront in our dealings because we know building trust builds an amazing company!"
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